Man Shoots Teen For Laughing: Indiana Man Kills 13-Year-Old After Getting Laughed At

A man shoots a teen for laughing in Indiana, leading people to believe that the man must have been pretty provoked to do so. According to The SpreadIt, a man from Gary, Indiana, arrived at his home with his girlfriend only to learn that his place had been robbed. Taking matters into his own hands, the unnamed man decided to talk to his neighbors, hoping that someone would be able to tell him that they saw something.

The man approached 13-year-old Kobe Jones and asked him if he’d seen anything suspicious. The boy laughed at the man, and continued laughing despite the seriousness of the situation that the man had presented him with.

No one expected the man to shoot the teen for laughing, but that’s what happened in Indiana on Friday. You see, the man realized that he wasn’t going to get far with Jones, who could only muster a laugh, even as the man kept yelling. Things turned violent soon after that, but witnesses say they “don’t know what happened.”

“The neighbor was yelling in anger about who was burglarizing his house, and the 13-year-old (Kobe) was laughing at him, and he got mad and there was some kind of confrontation. At that point, we don’t know what happened.”

According to Jobs & Hire, the boy’s parents are completely shocked.

“I was told my son was laughing and the guy shot him dead,” said Kobe’s dad, Kaunda Jones.

“Nobody plans to bury a child of 13 years old. Nobody was planning for a funeral,” said Kobe’s step-mom Starr Jones.

Kobe Jones was pronounced dead at the scene. Police arrested the man, and he will face charges in what is being treated as a homicide. As far as who might have robbed the man’s house, police say that they are still investigating.

Indiana’s “man shoots teen for laughing” story is getting a lot of buzz on the internet today. In a related report by The Inquisitr, children have been in the news quite a bit lately. There was a report of four kids from Providence, Rhode Island, who were arrested after they jumped a guy, robbed him, and then beat him. One of the kids was only 9-years-old. It’s hard to imagine a child that young being so violent, but it’s also hard to imagine a grown man shooting a child.

[Photo courtesy of Imgarcade]