'Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice' Set Photos Reveal Bruce Wayne Scene

As the filming of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice comes to an end in Detroit, we keep getting set photos of Zack Snyder's production. The latest comes from a cemetery, which could reveal some well-kept Bruce Wayne's family secrets.

One of the individuals who has provided the most Batman v Superman set photos, our friend the Bananadoc, was at it again this weekend, and uncovered a set the crew is building for what promises to reveal the back story of Bruce Wayne's family. The character, played by Ben Affleck, has been a complete mystery thus far.

We warn you that there may be potential spoilers ahead, so you may want to stop reading now.

According to the website Batman News, which has been following the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice production closely, a new set is being built deep in the Orion Oaks County Park, located in Lake Orion, Michigan. From what the photos show, a cemetery with the Wayne crypt is the main attraction.

This suggests Snyder plans to include the classic scene in which Bruce Wayne visits his parents' tombstone. But that is not the only thing that these photos reveal. The Banandoc also spotted a vintage hearse and funeral cars being loaded onto a trailer while he was at Orion Oaks. Could this mean we will see Bruce's parents funeral as a flashback?

This seemed to be a Batman weekend -- Henry Cavill was in England for a charity event in honor of the Royal Marines -- and other users posted photos from the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set. We can clearly see that Gotham City is the setting for this weekend's shoot, which may be the last in Michigan before the production moves to Chicago and other areas in Illinois.

Batman v Superman set photo
Image via Instagram

Other Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set photos appear to show the Gotham City waterfront, according to Comic Book. The report says a Pontiac business owner was told the crew would use his parking lot to film a scene for the blockbuster. Not wanting to reveal the name of the production, crew members gave the title Sage and Milo.

Gotham City seaport
Image via Reddit

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice set photos will continue to trickle in from Detroit in the next coming days. Stay tuned.

[Image via Twitter]