WWE: Dean Ambrose And Seth Rollins Live Up To Hell In A Cell Hype, Yet Fans Still Hate The Finish

WWE Hell in a Cell had a lot of great factors in it. Number one, two cell matches were taking place. Number two, one of them pitted two of the hottest up and coming stars in all of wrestling against one another. Really, Hell in a Cell was worth watching because of the last factor alone. Oh yeah, and there were some other matches too. However, people left talking about two things. Damien Mizdow and his epic stunt work because there is literally no one better at that right now. The other was the match and finish to Dean Ambrose vs. Seth Rollins.

The match was a 5 star classic, yet many are furious over the ending of the match.

What made many upset was that the ending of the match was really not an end at all. Bray Wyatt returned to make a big statement, and did so by taking out Dean Ambrose. Seth Rollins ended up getting the pin, pretty much clean sweeping Ambrose in all of their matches. While the idea behind this was upsetting for Ambrose fans, keep in mind what we saw at play here.

The first factor, two men fell off the side of the cell for the first time in a long time. Both even went through the announcer’s tables. The second factor was top of the cell play and numerous chairs and tables were used.

Ambrose, Rollins HIAC fall

Dean Ambrose did exactly as he claimed he’d do. Meanwhile, Seth Rollins was able to hang in the match with Dean, something many did not expect from the Architect. What is interesting about Rollins is that his name is by no means a moniker only. Like any good architect, he can adapt to his surroundings by any means necessary. Last night, that surrounding happen to be a Hell in a Cell.

Both men did amazing work and lived up to the major hype going into the match. The return of Wyatt was also up in the air. No one knew when he was coming back. We all expected him to appear randomly on WWE RAW, and then, that would be it. Yet, he returned in a match that he had no business in, taking out a guy who has only crossed him as a member of The Shield, something Rollins also did. This leads us into an interesting story. Plus, we were surprised by something in WWE, a third and very important factor.

Many wanted to see the match end with a certain winner, but this isn’t SummerSlam or WrestleMania. That sort of thing never happens outside of big shows.

In addition to a great return, the match itself being great, we also saw something great….a fourth factor in the future. WWE continues to tell us that “the future is now.” We complain that WWE doesn’t use these great young stars well or in proper light. However, last night, two of WWE’s hottest young stars were in the biggest match they could have possibly asked for. Yes, it was not WrestleMania. Yet, this was a proving ground for such a match in the future which both proved they could easily do. Add in that Wyatt made his mark, and this match had everything someone could ask for. This shed light, not on past stars like Cena and Orton, but on the future of the company.

Bray Wyatt Dean Ambrose HIAC

The crowd was hot the entire time this match was going on. Leading up to Hell in a Cell, Rollins and Ambrose were getting love by the crowd. After this match, both Wyatt and Rollins are easily the two top heels in WWE and Dean Ambrose goes from being a popular former Indy star to a guy that could take the place of John Cena as “the man” one day.

Plus, this is a Hell in a Cell match…nothing is to be expected from a match like this other than carnage and survival. This was even in the build-up for the show.

Lest we forget, Ambrose and Rollins main evented a PPV for the first time in history. They did so even with Randy Orton and John Cena on the same card facing off for much bigger reasons WWE wise.

WWE gave the spotlight to two men and three walked out of the cell tonight with everyone talking. Yes, the finish to the match did not give absolution. However, why should it? We saw so much greatness in the ring, and it was a potential match of the year, yet we’re going to be mad that a return helped with the finish of the match? It might be time fans stop complaining and enjoy the product. Let us see where WWE goes after Hell in a Cell. It is apropos that we go from surviving a cell to a series of survival, is it not? I say we give WWE time to show us something great. Why not?

[IMG Credits: WWE.com]