Protesters In Ferguson Resort To Violence By Attacking White Man Just Passing By [Videos]

The situation in Ferguson is becoming more violent as the trial of Darren Wilson continues. The first week has gone by, and The Inquisitr has kept our readers informed with the latest news on the matter. Other news outlets write that Wilson will most likely not be found guilty. If that is the case, the police are expecting riots. Even with all the evidence that points to Michael Brown being the initiator of the conflict, people aren’t accepting it and that includes Al Sharpton. As for those who are like Bill Maher, who called Michael Brown a thug, they are getting a lot of hatred for their views.

Now, there are videos showing protesters in Ferguson resorting to violence. What is worse is the situation in the video seems to have racial undertones as the protesters single out a white man who is simply passing by.

According to an articles by both Opposing Views and SHTF Plan, the protesters in Ferguson continue to gather on a nightly basis in the aftermath of the Michael Brown shooting. This time, they are gathering to support Brown while the Darren Wilson trial commences. Despite their size and presence, they claim to be assembling peacefully, but that may not be the case with the video show below.

As shown, a white man just passing through town was surrounded by a mob, who then started to make threats. The video shows the man telling his attackers all he wants to do is go home. One man responds to the white man’s plea with the following.

“I don’t give a f*ck what you wanna do.”

The victim tries his hardest to get away, but the crowd immediately accosts him, with several protesters holding him back, while others grab the white man by the neck. When the man finally breaks free and walks away, numerous individuals continue to pursue and harass him.

What is worse is the fact that the victim is now being threatened with physical violence. Fortunately, he isn’t assaulted. However, it should also be reported there is no video on how the confrontation truly started, but according to witnesses, the entire mob was blocking the street.

Now that you’ve seen the videos of the white man who was threatened by Ferguson protesters, what are your opinions about it? Do you think Ferguson is headed for a violent racial confrontation or can the protests remain focused on justice for all Americans, no matter their race, economic status or religion?