13-Year-Old Father: Truth Comes Out Over Boy Fathering Child With 15-Year-Old Girl

UPDATE: An updated report on this story can be read HERE.

A story about an alleged 13-year-old father in England has re-emerged. It was erroneously reported that Alfie Patten fathered a baby with 15-year-old Chantelle Stedman when the baby was 3-months-old.

According to IB Times, a DNA test proves that Alfie isn’t the father of Maisie Roxanne. The real dad is Tyler Barker, 15. He admitted to having unsafe sex with Chantelle after a night of drinking with her at her mother’s home in East Sussex. He voiced his fears that he was the baby’s father and was distraught that his life was ruined after sleeping with the girl just once. It was his first sexual experience as well.

“I did not use any contraception but Chantelle told me that she would take the morning after pill. I thought she would take care of it.”

Others suspected Tyler was the dad, including his friends who joked with him about it. Tyler failed to see the humor in it.

Tyler is a soccer player and his father, Chris Ireland, coaches the Eastbourne Colts under 15 team. He claims Chantelle “seduced” him because he was drunk. She said she’d make sex easy for him and “teach” him “how it is done.”

“He was only 13. He knows the actual date he had sex with her,” Ireland says.

Since the team did well at a tournament, his father allowed him to stay out all night with his friends. Ireland didn’t know it was going to lead to his son getting into this kind of trouble.

“I knew they were going to a party but I didn’t know they were drinking heavily.”

Chris, who called for an inquiry into the affair, added: “He’s devastated and has broken down in tears at the thought that he might be the baby’s father.”

“Far from bragging about it, he thinks he is life has been ruined by this.”

The detective work in learning who the real dad is began after Maisie was born on February 9. Several other boys claimed they slept with Chantelle around the time she conceived in May. Chantelle and her mother claimed Alfie was the dad, who would have been 12 at the time the infant was conceived. He was known to be timid and immature, but Chantelle said she hadn’t slept with anyone else.

Alfie was reportedly “devastated” when he found out he wasn’t the father of the Maisie because he “adored” her, according to friends.

“I am the only boyfriend Chantelle’s had and we’ve been together for two years. I must be the dad.”

Alfie and Tyler’s parents agreed to have a paternity test done on their sons not long after Maisie was born.

Traveler’s Today had a quote from a blog revealing Alfie’s reaction, according to his mother, Nicola.

“He did cry after we found out he wasn’t the dad. When we told Alfie the baby wasn’t his he was absolutely hysterical. He burst out crying and then he ran out of the room.”

Alfie Patten isn’t the 13-year-old father he was believed to be and didn’t break the U.K. record for being the youngest dad.

[Image via The Mirror]