9-Volt Battery Emergency Phone Charger — The Handiest Hack Ever Created

How many times has your iPhone or Android smartphone run out of charge while you're out and about with no wall outlet nearby? If you don't have time to run to your car and give your phone a quick charge, The Blaze reports that there's an incredibly handy hack that you can use to charge your phone that only requires a car or house key, a portable car charger, and a 9-volt battery.

The clever hack recently made its debut on YouTube, the place we all go when we don't know how to make or repair something. Or at least those of us who don't want to pay someone to do it for us.

Last week, YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker posted the video (above) that give viewers simple instructions on how to charge a cell phone with a 9-volt battery. It's so easy that you'll wish you thought of it when you did your 9th grade science fair, instead of spending all that time trying to impress judges with a complicated presentation on global warming.

The video explains how to charge your dead phone in minutes by placing the end of a key into the negative battery terminal and pressing the metal point on the car charger into the positive terminal. Your phone should start charging immediately if your eyesight is good enough to see the tiny negative and positive symbols on the battery.

This clever hack will make your day if you get anxiety when your phone runs out of charge. After all, life can be stressful when you can't send that all-important text or post an awesome selfie on Instagram. However, you may want to make yourself a little emergency kit because chances are you don't normally carry a 9-volt battery in your pocket or purse.

The alternative to using a 9-volt battery will cost you a bit more. There are a variety of portable phone chargers on the market, ranging from $25 to well over $100. Digital Trends recommends the Jackery Bar portable phone charger($25), stating that it fits "into your pocket or bag easily" and also doubles as an LED flashlight. For those who have a little more money to spend, the RavPower Extreme ($100) will not only charge your smartphone — there are also ports to charge your tablet and laptop.

Would you consider charging your phone using a 9-volt battery or are you more inclined to buy a portable charger?

[Images: Patchd.com, Amazon]