Desiree Hartsock’s Bachelorette Bash Paves Way To Wedding To Chris Siegfried

Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried of The Bachelorette are getting married in January, and this weekend, she had a big bachelorette party with her girlfriends. The crew headed to Las Vegas, and it looks like it was a blast. “Bachelor Nation” fans saw that there were a couple of familiar faces in the mix of things, too.

Referenced as “Des’ Last Bash” via her social media posts, Desiree and her friends uploaded quite a few pictures throughout the weekend. Hartsock dubbed it the “Best weekend ever” and clearly was thrilled so many friends could join her as she prepares to marry her The Bachelorette beau.

Fellow The Bachelor contestant from Sean Lowe’s season, Daniella McBride, was in attendance as was Molly Mesnick. Desiree and Molly both live in the Seattle area and have become very good friends. Amy Bean, another former contestant who has gone on to work as a producer on the show, was in the mix of things, as well.

Posts of Desiree’s throughout the weekend laid out that she got to go to one of the Britney Spears shows, get in a lot of pool time and get dressed up for some cake and drinks. A lot of fun was had at the SLS Las Vegas Hotel and Casino by the looks of things, but Hartsock did mention in one post that she was looking forward to getting back home to her man.

Desiree and Chris haven’t shared too many specifics regarding their wedding, other than confirming that it’s finally set to happen in January. As noted by People, Chris and Desiree got engaged during the 2013 season of The Bachelorette, a surprising ending that viewers watched in May 2013. Almost immediately, Hartsock moved to Seattle to be with Siegfried, and it seems the two never looked back.

The Bachelorette fans had been hoping The Bachelorette wedding would be televised on ABC as has been done with all of the former couples from the franchise who got married. Though the network hasn’t commented on the situation, it does seem that Desiree and Chris have been left to do this event on their own. Despite that, they’re all smiles and clearly very excited about it.

Fans don’t know the exact date for Chris and Desiree’s wedding quite yet, but, hopefully, the couple will reveal more as the date draws near. While The Bachelorette wedding may not make it onto television, certainly Desiree Hartsock and Chris Siegfried will share updates and photos after the event. Surely one of the magazines or websites will do some kind of feature on Desiree and Chris’ wedding as well, so fans will need to stay tuned.

[Image via Desiree Hartsock Instagram]