Don’t Eat Ebola-Infected Poop – Seriously, A TV Anchor In NYC Gave That Advice

There are some sage bits of advice that just go without saying. They are a given. Now that Ebola has made an appearance in NYC, all sorts of advice is circulating in the news and on social media. The one that probably, hopefully, everyone already figured out comes from award-winning New York journalist Errol Louis. He admonishes people not to eat Ebola-infected poop. Or mucus. Or any other substance from someone else’s body that might randomly be found on the subway or on the streets.

He actually said that during his Inside City Hall show Thursday night on NY1, reports The Daily Mail.

It is probably safe to assume that nobody is doing that anyway. Let’s hope.

While people are generally concerned about the doctor, who was diagnosed Thursday with Ebola, and wondering how many people may have been exposed to his germs as he traipsed around the city on subways and going bowling, people are having great fun with Louis’s comments, which are based upon the CDC assertion that the Ebola virus is not airborne or easily transmitted.

“Blood, mucus, feces, semen – you have to come in intimate contact with it while the person is infected. Now, if you came across some strange mucus or feces or something out there on the subway, the street, or anywhere else – don’t eat it! You know, don’t let it get into your body. Don’t touch it.”

Though the debate still rages between the researchers and scientists and politicians about the methods of Ebola transmission as previously reported by The Inquisitr, the matter is hardly settled. There appears to be more distrust now than ever before of information coming from the Centers for Disease Control.

Whether Errol Louis truly believes what the authorities are saying to the public or whether he is just playing along, his assessment of the relative risk of catching Ebola is providing plenty of entertainment.

The Concourse takes a tongue-in-cheek approach to reporting the Louis advice.

“Luckily, NY1’s Errol Louis knows how to fight this plague: If you’re prone to putting random feces in your mouth, don’t do that for a while. Wait for all of this blow over. Seriously.”

Others have taken to Twitter to poke fun at possibly the first funny thing to come out of this whole Ebola thing.

But this guy may have a genuine concern. New Yorkers may need to watch their dogs more closely than ever before.

[image via YouTube screenshot]