Rumer Willis ‘Blown Away’ By Younger Sis Tallulah’s Strength And Openness

Demi Moore’s daughter Rumer Willis is blown away by her sister Tallulah Willis’ strength, she reveals. Tallulah recently went through a residential treatment program, and it seems she’s doing well now. This family has had its challenges over the past few years, but from the sounds of things, they’re doing well now.

The oldest daughter of Bruce Willis and Demi Moore, Rumer Willis, is blown away and full of pride over how well Tallulah is doing, shares People. Rumer, 26, says that she is impressed by how willing, open and strong her younger sister is. Rumer opened up about her thoughts during the Galaxy Note 4 launch in Beverly Hills.

Tallulah, 20, spent six weeks during the late summer and early fall in treatment, returning home in early September. Rumer says that Tallulah is doing really well now, and the youngest Willis daughter was recently spotted spending some quality time with her mom, Demi Moore, in Los Angeles as well.

While the Willis girls spent much of their time in Idaho growing up, they were also in Los Angeles quite a bit. It seems Rumer believes that being in the spotlight in California likely contributed to some of Tallulah’s challenges. The 20-year-old has struggled with body dysmorphia and an eating disorder, and it seems Bruce and Demi’s divorce in 2000 and Moore’s hospitalization in 2012 created additional challenges for Tallulah.

Rumer says that she believes the best thing someone can do for anyone struggling is to “be supportive and not abandon them.” She adds that she thinks that the hardest thing for someone struggling is feeling alone and as if nobody has their back. While Tallulah, Rumer, Demi and the family as a whole have had their challenges and moments of relationship drama, it’s clear that ultimately they stick together.

In another move that surely goes to support her younger sister and her struggles, Rumer recently lashed out regarding being photoshopped to look thinner for the Franziska Fox 2015 spring lookbook. As Us Magazine shares, Willis said she felt the changes were unacceptable and not what she wants to put out in the world. She says they took away muscle and changed her face, and she didn’t like it because she tries to remain true to herself.

In an age where there’s a lot of pressure on those in Hollywood to look a certain way, will young ladies like Rumer and Tallulah give teens and young woman a different path to follow? Hearing of how Rumer Willis is blown away by Tallulah’s determination and strength may well provide some inspiration for others struggling with similar challenges.

[Image via Us Magazine]