Mother Or Monster?: Chinese Stepmom Brutally Beats Toddler For Allegedly Wetting Her Pants (Video)

**Warning: This video contains graphic violence and obscene language.**

Its quite common for toddlers to wet themselves. However, there have been many cases where some parents and child care personnel haven’t always been understanding and patient given the circumstances. Unfortunately, another small child has suffered severe backlash for a relatively normal mishap.

A disturbing video was recently uploaded to YouTube by CCTV News. The horrific video, which shows a Chinese woman brutally beating a toddler, will make anyone cringe. The child was reportedly beaten because she soiled her pants. In the video, the woman, who is reportedly the child’s stepmother, can be seen viciously whipping, kicking, punching, and stomping on a helpless toddler while she wailed in agony.

The three-minute, thirty-second video starts off with the woman approaching the small child with what appears to be a tree branch. The child’s pants are down by her ankles, which would explain why the punishment may be the result of pants wetting.

Then, at the 2:58 second mark, it appears the brutal beating is over, but things only get worse. However, the woman reappears, grabs the child by the ear, throws her onto the ground and continues the brutal attack.

According to the Daily Mail, the woman hit the child a total of 87 times with a branch, kicked her 14 times and gave her eight slaps to the face. Once the video surfaced online, the local police department was reportedly contacted. But, that’s not all! Unfortunately, law enforcement will not take action against the woman despite the incident being caught on camera. They have reportedly stated “there is nothing they can do.”

Several users have discussed the video via YouTube. Some viewers have actually supported the harsh brand of discipline, while others insist she took the punishment too far.

“That woman needs to be killed. And whoever has the poor taste in adding the awful music to this video needs to be fired. It’s almost like they were making fun of the situation,” one YouTube user said.

“She got it easy. I would cut off the stupid kids f–king legs with a hatchet.”chop,chop”!” another user wrote.

“If i was walking by i would have walked over and grabbed this woman and started beating her and spitting in her face and slapping her around like a ragdoll and i’d take that kid to child protective services then come back and stomp this b–ch in,” another YouTube user commented.

Do you think the woman took the punishment too far? Share your thoughts.

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