Arizona Firefighters Rescue Horse Trapped In A Swimming Pool! [Video]

Firefighters from the Mesa Fire and Medical Department in Mesa, Arizona, responded to an unusual rescue call on Saturday when they were called in to rescue a horse that had fallen inside a backyard swimming pool. According to AZ Central, the incident came to light after a homeowner residing near Val Vista and University called in to report the incident. The unidentified owner informed that the horse, which was his own, had fallen into his swimming pool and had difficulties getting out of it.

A team of firefighters were immediately dispatched to the home, where they found the horse still trapped at the shallow end of the swimming pool, reports USA Today. After deciding on plan of action, they decided to avail the services of a veterinarian who was called in to tranquilize the terrified horse. It was deemed too dangerous to rescue the horse while it was conscious. After the veterinarian tranquilized the distressed animal, the firefighters managed to keep its head above the water level. They also created a lift system which would be used to rescue the animal. A video captured by one of the firefighters shows the tranquilized horse being lifted out of the water.

According to Mesa Fire Department Capt. Forrest Smith, the rescued horse later gained consciousness and is reportedly doing fine. The animal did not have any injuries. All said, it is unclear as to how the horse landed up in the backyard swimming pool in the first place.

This is not the first time The Inquisitr has reported about unusual things being recovered from backyard swimming pools. Earlier this year, we had reported about the case of an SUV crashing into the backyard swimming pool of a couple in the midst of a pool party in Ohio. The SUV was driven by a woman who was was charged with OVI (Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated).

[Image Via Mesa Fire Department]