5-Year-Old Boy Gropes Teacher At Florida Elementary School

Heather Tooley

A 5-year-old boy groped a teacher at a Florida Elementary school after his behavior "escalated" to "aggressive and vulgar the past two weeks."

According to a report by The Smoking Gun, the teacher alleges that the student had again "groped her in the vagina." This information is obtained from the police report after the October 9 incident. The teacher at Blanche H. Daughtrey Elementary School in Bradenton claims this is the second time the student has groped her there.

No charges have been filed in the groping incident, and details surrounding the event are minimal.

The Stir published a report about kids at this age being curious about adult body parts, and they may not know what's appropriate and what isn't when it comes to expressing curiosity. Commenters agree that it's difficult to sound off about the story because there's a lot of missing information. The main question: Why did the teacher call the cops and not go to the principal first?

Since little is known about the entire story, there's no way of knowing if the teacher ever mentioned the problem to the principal or the boy's parents after the first groping happened. Calling the cops sounds like an extreme move on the teacher's part, but maybe there were underlying factors behind it. She did say he'd been aggressive, and that he'd gotten more vulgar the past few weeks. The plan of action many would take is alert the school principal or other educational official about the groping. She might have other reasons for calling the police right after it happened.

According to a study done at New York University, early-stage aggression is an indicator of a child's future behavior.

"Early aggression is especially problematic for young students. Many studies have found that early aggression is highly predictive of later aggression in elementary, middle, and high school. Because early aggression is so predictive of future maladaptive behavior, early aggression may be one of the most harmful forms of early behavior problems in the classroom."

Without knowing all of the circumstances behind the 5-year-old boy groping his teacher, it can't be speculated on too much. Was there a history of teacher-student conflict involved? No charges were filed against the boy or his parents. It could have been something resolved without further action. It's likely that the student's behavioral issues are being addressed and that the school is working with the parents -- or guardians -- to handle the situation accordingly.

[Image via The Cornerstone]