15% of U.S. Population on Food Stamps

About 45.8 million or 15% of the entire US population relied on Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) last August, the Wall Street Journal reports.

This figure represents an 8.1% increased compared to last year, the Department of Agriculture reported. It should be noted though that the increase has slowed down compared to previous years.

Also known as food stamps, the number of those the program is availing is expected to rise in the coming months as the economy continue to suffer from high unemployment. September data will also factor in the disaster assistance for the destruction and flooding brought by Hurricane Irene.

Among the states, Mississippi reported the largest number of population at 21% recieving food stamps. About one in five residents in New Mexico, Tennessee, Oregon and Louisiana were food stamp recipients also.

No relief is seen as families continue to depend on food stamps due to unemployment and lower wages for those who even have employment.