Crack Pipe Found In Ashley Greene’s Apartment

Remember Twilight star Ashley Greene’s apartment fire? Well, according to her building manager, a crack pipe was found in her apartment after rummaging through the remains.

The fire dates back to last year, but this news is just hitting now because TMZ obtained a deposition from building manager Adrian Mayorga. In the document, he says that a glass crack pipe was found in the clean up.

Sure this could be a simple case of a building manager trying to drum up business or getting back at the star. Perhaps he was disgruntled with Ashley Greene for whatever reason, and just wanted to smear her name? Unfortunately, neither of these defenses hold weight because the building manager was sworn in.

Now that that’s settled, the next question is, did the crack pipe belong to Ashley Greene? Could she have thrown a party once upon a time and forget to clean up some remnants? According to Adrian Mayorga, this theory is probably false. The building manager states that Ashley Greene, her former boyfriend Ryan Phillippe, and the Twilight star’s brother were “disoriented” when they were escaping the apartment fire.

Wait a minute: Is the building manager trying to say that someone in Ashley Greene’s apartment started the fire with the crack pipe? It sure sounds like it, but according to TMZ, this is not true, and they were only “disoriented” because they were awoken to the fire, and didn’t actually start it.

Although Ashley Greene, her brother, and former boyfriend Ryan Phillippe were able to escape the fire, Greene’s dog, Fox Terrier named Marlo, perished in the fire. Ashley’s other dog, Theo, was able to make it out alive.

At the time, a source told E! Online, “[Ashley’s] trying to be strong but it’s very hard and she is fragile right now. It’s a tragic situation.”

According to reports, the fire was started by a lit candle. As for Mayorga, he’s suing Ashley Greene for suffering respiratory damage. In the initial lawsuit, Mayorga is listed as a doorman. Either way, he claims that he got hurt while running through the hallways while yelling for occupants in other units to flee the building.

In addition to smoke inhalation, he claims that he also suffered from dehydration and exhaustion, and wound up in the hospital due to these injuries.

As for Greene, TMZ decided to contact her people, but so far haven’t received a response in regards to the claims about the crack pipe.

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