Kevin Sweat Lawyer Razor: 28-Year-Old Killer ‘Smuggles’ Razor Into Courtroom, Attacks Lawyer

Kevin Sweat attacked his lawyer using a razor that he allegedly smuggled into an Oklahoma courtroom. According to the New York Daily News, the 28-year-old was just about to get sentenced to life for the murders of two girls and his fiancee when he pulled out the razor and lunged at his lawyer, Peter Astor, cutting him in the throat.

According to the report, Sweat announced that he wanted to “change his plea” ahead of his sentencing. So, before going to see the judge, Sweat was scheduled to meet with his lawyers — and that is when everything went down.

“The attorneys met Sweat on Friday in a small conference room inside the courthouse to wrap up the final details before sentencing. He was handcuffed and under heavy guard when he arrived, but his law enforcement escorts unlocked the cuffs once he was inside the room, which isn’t uncommon, District Attorney Max Cook told reporters.”

Kevin Sweat scraped his lawyer with a razor before he was grabbed by officers. He was searched before he was taken into the courtroom to face his fate. Judge Lawrence Parish rejected the killer’s request to withdraw his plea, and then sentenced him to life three times, one for each murder he was found guilty of committing.

According to NewsMax, Peter Astor suffered a minor injury. Despite the frightening ordeal that could have ended much worse than it did, people in the courtroom — including the families of the deceased — were relieved to hear that Sweat would no longer be a threat to society. Although the sentencing doesn’t change what happened to their loved ones, they feel that justice has been served.

“People in the courtroom applauded as Parish read out each of the life prison terms. Prosecutors and Sweat’s attorneys had previously agreed to allow Sweat to waive his right to a jury trial, sparing him a possible death sentence. Family members of the victims hugged, cried and prayed aloud as they lingered around the courthouse.”

Of course, someone who is a convicted murderer can’t always be trusted. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, a man convicted of murder served 30 years behind bars before being released earlier this month. The 45-year-old man was home for an unknown amount of time before police were called to his home and he was arrested again. Steven Pratt beat his own mother to death. He is now facing a second murder charge.

[Photo courtesy of Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation via NewsMax]