Canada Terrorist Attacks: Were They Predicted On TV Just Weeks Before? [Video]

If media reports from before a shooting at Canada’s parliament are to be believed, federal officials in that country may have been expecting some type of terrorist attack in Canada similar to the one that brought the capital of Ottawa to its knees last week.

A YouTube video of Sun News Channel’s Ezra Levant details numerous reports that were featured in an NBC News report at the beginning of October. The Inquisitr has searched for the NBC News report mentioned in the YouTube clip from the beginning of the month, but could not locate it.

But in the video above, Levant details a plot for Canadian terrorist attack that involves murders of individuals (a soldier was run over near Montreal by a radical Muslim convert the week of the shooting attack in Ottawa) and a gun attack.

“Let’s talk about Canada. Could we be a target of Islamic State terrorism? Some disturbing new revelations that Canadian authorities have heard would be terrorists here discussing potential attacks here in Canada, bringing the Islamic State’s terrorism home.

“They (NBC News) have apparently heard that Canadian authorities have detected copycat style Islamic militants, to use a (CBC phrase). We’re looking to move up a notch to terrorists and do some not 9/11 scale attacks but maybe a head hacking or Mumbai-style shooting attack here in Canada.”

Keep in mind, the discussion in the video above, uploaded October 9, took place before either attack in Ottawa or near Montreal had happened.

To add more possible confirmation that there was some sort of knowledge of an impending attack within the nation, the National Post featured a story on the same topic.

Reporter Dylan Robertson said in his report that some portions of the NBC News report highlighted by Levant regarding Canadian terrorist attacks were removed from a web piece on Here is a snippet Robertson pulled from the article.

“Intelligence officials tell NBC News that Canadian authorities have heard would-be terrorists discussing potential ISIS-inspired ‘knife and gun’ attacks against U.S. and Canadian targets inside Canada.

“Both U.S. and Canadian officials fear the beheading of an innocent person in a public place, or the slashing of citizens on a crowded street until police arrive to shoot and ‘martyr’ the terrorists.

“Canadian officials are weighing increased security around public buildings in coming days, government officials there say.”

Do you think this is proof that Canadian authorities knew of an impending attack? And do you think there is anything they could have done to stop it? Tell us in the comments section below.

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