Reagan Statue Unveiled at Namesake DC Airport

A nine-foot-tall bronze statue of President Ronald Reagan was unveiled Tuesday at the Arlington, Va., airport bearing his name.

The unveiling of the Reagan statue, the fourth dedicated this year – the three others are in Simi Valley, California; Budapest; and London – commemorated the 100th anniversary of his birth by the Ronald Reagan Presidential Foundation, which operates his presidential library.

“It’s a privilege to be able to unveil a statue of Ronald Reagan,” said former Secretary of Transportation Elizabeth Dole.

According to Dole, Reagan’s push for low-level lighting on planes, smoke detectors in cabin bathrooms and less flammable seat cushions as proof of his interest in flight safety.

“He was a man who blessed this endeavor, sponsored the legislation and cheered on the effort many years ago,” she added.

The late president, who served as the United States 40th’ chief for two terms, from 1981 to 1989, is well remembered for his beliefs in strong national security, low taxes and less government which have since became cornerstones for modern conservative politics.

Behind the Reagan statue – which reportedly cost a whopping $900k to construct – stands a low, 38-foot-long curved wall with Reagan’s name etched into the stainless-steel surface, along with the cutout image of a bald eagle.

A video of the statue’s unveiling can be viewed below:

via Washington Times