Megyn Kelly: Fox News Report On Voter Fraud Called ‘Made Up’ — MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Unleashes On News Rival

As election season continues to unfold, screaming (literally, many hardcore conservatives and liberals are actually screaming) toward November’s election day, arguments are heating up.

So who better to throw into a fray than two news broadcasting Queens, one who consistently tows the conservative line, and the other a liberal progressive hero? Well then, please welcome Megyn Kelly and Rachel Maddow, respectively.

Megyn Kelly is a popular hostess on Fox News, which many liberal-minded folks mockingly refer to as “Faux News,” while Rachel Maddow is an equally popular hostess on MSNBC, the exact political opposite of Fox News that conservative-minded folks mockingly poo-poo as “so liberally biased, it’s pathetic.”

One of the many conservative vs. liberal political beefs involves voter fraud, or lack thereof. The conservative side says that people should show their IDs when voting, to prove who they are and to make it more difficult to vote multiple times or engage in other types of voter fraud. The liberal side scoffs at this idea, claiming that conservatives have manufactured the notion of voter fraud in an effort to keep non-ID carrying minorities from voting.

Enter Fox News’s Megyn Kelly reporting on the subject.

In a report headlined, “Fox News host caught red handed lying about fake voting scandal,” referring to Megyn Kelly, the Examiner says that voter fraud, or what some prefer to call “voter suppression,” is a common topic on Fox News, particularly around election time.

Such was the case on Tuesday night, October 21, when Megyn Kelly was reporting on a law that Colorado’s Democratic governor signed 16 months ago. Kelly opined that the law “literally allows residents to print ballots from their home computers, then encourages them to turn ballots over to ‘collectors.'”

Megyn Kelly went on to say that this printing ballots at home scheme in Colorado was simply a way for Democrats to do away with traditional polling places. Kelly finished her thoughts on the subject on a sarcastic note, asking, “What could go wrong?”

When word of Megyn Kelly’s voter-fraud-in-Colorado report reached the desk of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, suffice to say the more liberally-minded Maddow had a few words of her own on the matter, accusing Megyn Kelly and Fox News of simply making the whole story up.

Continuing to call out what Maddow believed to be Kelly’s questionable reporting, according to Mediaite, Rachel Maddow said that other states have similar laws that allow for at-home ballots, but these are for military service members.

Supporting her criticisms of Megyn Kelly’s voter fraud report, Maddow also cited a Colorado news station that found the FOX News report to be incorrect.

Backed by this, Rachel Maddow continued her bashing of Megyn Kelly and Fox News with some sarcasm of her own, saying, “So Colorado has a vote by mail system this year, which other states do too. Fox has now decided that in the state of Colorado, that’s terrifying! Even if it doesn’t terrify them anywhere else in the country.”

Will Megyn Kelly have a response to Rachel Maddow or a clarification of her voter fraud report? That remains to be seen.

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