Ebola Outbreak: Teenager Suspected Of Having Ebola Being Treated In Australia

Although the diagnosis hasn't been confirmed, the Brisbane Times has learned that a teen has been quarantined because of the Ebola virus.

The teenager is an 18-year-old woman from Guinea, which is a country at the center of the West African Ebola outbreak. The woman, who arrived in Australia 11 days ago, developed a high fever and has been isolated at the Royal Brisbane and Women's Hospital. Although there is no evidence that the woman had any contact with an Ebola patient, she is being tested for any signs of the disease.

The Ebola outbreak is a concern around the world, as cases have been confirmed in several countries. As reported by the Inquisitr, the World Health Organization claims there have been more than 10,000 cases of Ebola worldwide. The WHO says about half of those who have contracted the Ebola virus have died.

An Australian man is being closely monitored in Thailand for the Ebola virus after he returned there from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He visited the DRC for his job in the oil-drilling industry. A total of 49 people have died in the DRC due to an Ebola outbreak not related to the outbreak in West Africa.

According to the Daily Mail, the man has been asked to stay home under observation in case he has the Ebola virus. The man hasn't been identified, but when he flew into the Bangkok International Airport on October 17, he was found to have an elevated temperature when tested at the airport. He has been asked to stay home until November 5, which is a three week quarantine.

Health officials in Australia say they are ready to fight the Ebola virus, and there is "no chance" of an Ebola outbreak in Australia as there has been in West Africa. Health Minister Peter Dutton said Australia is as ready as it can be for an Ebola outbreak, and the country has the people as well as the resources to combat the disease.

"If there is a case that presents here, there is no doubt it will be contained and there is no chance we would see a spread like we have seen in West Africa. We can isolate [victims] quickly, people should feel reassured."

Many countries have considered keeping West African flights from landing in their countries to try and stave off the spread of the Ebola outbreak. However, as of yet, no air traffic has been banned.

Should air travel from West Africa be banned until the Ebola outbreak is contained, or is it too late? Please comment and tell us what you think.

[Image via medicaldaily.com]