‘The Mummy’: Script Details From The First Of Universal’s Classic Monster Reboots

The script for Universal Studio’s reboot of The Mummy has surfaced, and we’ve got details on the retelling of the classic monster movie.

Several months ago, the Inquisitr told you how Universal was rebooting their classic monster movie franchises from the early 20th century. Reportedly, Universal wants to wrap their classic monsters — Frankenstein’s monster, Dracula, the Mummy, the Creature from the Black Lagoon, et al — into an overreaching Marvel-esque Universal monster universe, complete with crossovers and recurring characters.

The first film from that reboot line was reported as being The Mummy, though it should be said that Universal has stated that the new Universal films will standalone in their own universe. That means that this new Mummy film will have nothing to do with the Brendan Frasier-starring Mummy films from the 2000s.

Jon Spaihts, the screenwriter behind Ridley Scott’s Prometheus, as well as Marvel’s upcoming Dr. Strange, wrote the script for The Mummy, and SuperHero Movie News got their hands on it.

Recently, they divulged the contents of The Mummy reboot’s opening scene, saying that they’re trying to be as spoiler-free as possible.

“The story follows Navy Seal Tyler Colt and his mission in the Iraqi desert to find a group of terrorists hiding out in a bunker. To him and his teams surprise the terrorists within the bunker turn out be nothing more than some grave robbers who have all magically died. Upon entering the bunker Tyler and his team also succumb to some mystical forces out of their control. They soon realize the bunker they have infiltrated is actually a centuries old tomb. Mayhem erupts as all the Navy seal members start turning on one another and are captivated by the forces within the tomb. Tyler is the only one to make it all the way deep within the tomb alive to find a Black Iron Sarcophagus. It’s marked with Egyptian symbols like the Ankh and Eye of Horus. Here Tyler is entranced by the forces to open up and release what is inside. But after placing his hand onto the sarcophagus he is immediately stabbed in the palm with a star-shaped symbol. From then on his mind is cursed with visions of Ashurbanipal, King of Assyria…..The Mummy.”

According to Aint It Cool News, Universal’s very recent release of Dracula Untold was set up to either act as a standalone Dracula movie, or be a “springboard” to bring the Dracula franchise into Universal’s new monster universe. Though the film has been praised by critics and fans, it underperformed in its opening weekend. That probably means that it won’t be the version of Dracula that is linked up with The Mummy et al.

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