Drake Gets Angry At DC Strip Club, Tosses A Lot Of Money On The Ground [Video]

Drake got very angry at a strip club in Washington D.C. on Saturday night, according to TMZ.

As you can see in the video footage, he even dropped a lot of cash money on the ground heading into the club because of it. TMZ reported that it appeared to be thousands of dollars that were tossed to the side by the 28-year old rapper/actor without any hesitation.

According to a report released by Media Takeout, Drake’s DJ (DJ Future) was punched in the head and “put to sleep” inside of Club Stadium. Drake was apparently very upset when he heard the news, and stormed inside of the nightclub. He even pushed away someone at the door who appeared to try to stop him.

TMZ reports that Drake was attending Club Stadium late Saturday night in order to celebrate his 28th birthday. However, the drama with his DJ being allegedly attacked caused Drake to change his plans at least slightly.

Someone from Drake’s crew moved fast enough to retrieve most of the money shortly after he dropped it on the ground, but he was not the only person reaching for it.

This would not be the first time that Drake got into a major fight at a nightclub. Back in 2012, the rapper’s posse made headlines by getting involved in a blow-out battle against Chris Brown and his posse at the W.I.P. nightclub in New York.

[Image Credit: Gawker Assets]