Magician Paul Daniels’s Rabbits Get Their Revenge: Bunny Bites Magician Before Magic Act

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Magician Paul Daniels’s rabbits got the last laugh when one of the unruly bunnies bit the elderly magician before he was scheduled to go onstage. The naughty rabbit was attempting to woo another bunny when Daniels stepped in to stop their budding romance. That’s when one of the rabbits bit magician Paul Daniels on the finger.

The 76-year-old magician, who starred in The Paul Daniels Magic Show on the BBC from 1979 to 1994, was treated by a medic, who gave him a tetanus shot and prescribed antibiotics to stave off infection from the rabbit bite. His performance in Crewe, Staffordshire, part of his Back Despite Popular Demand Tour, was delayed thanks to the rabbit’s antics. A source who was on hand during the incident spoke with The Sun about the injury.

“It wasn’t too serious. He still has all his finger. It’s just a little sore. Debbie [his wife] is enjoying playing nurse and has dressed up for him.”

This wasn’t the first injury sustained by magician Paul Daniels. Rabbits weren’t the problem back in 2012, when surgeons had to reattach his finger after he sliced it off with a circular saw. During that horrifying incident, he suffered a mishap as he constructed magic props in his backyard shed. He was lucky that doctors were able to save his finger.

One year before the finger vs. circular saw incident, a puppet named Sooty threw a slice of pizza at magician Paul Daniels. Rabbits weren’t to blame for that episode either, but the performer was treated for a black eye and examined at a local hospital after the pizza struck him squarely in the face.

If he thinks he has it bad with a rabbit bite to the finger, then he should meet the man who wound up with an arachnid burrowing under his skin. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, when a 21-year-old man from Bunbury, Australia, visited Bali for the vacation of a lifetime, he wound up with a nasty rash on his belly. Although his first doctor’s visit turned up nothing, his second doctor’s examination revealed an eight-legged invader had burrowed through an appendectomy scar into his body. At first, it was widely reported that the critter was a spider. Experts later agreed it was most likely a mite.

Magician Paul Daniels is married to his assistant. His lovely wife Debbie McGee is two decades his junior. The happy and devoted couple has been married since 1988.