BlogSeeker’s final burial: a page of ads

After reporting June 30 that eWeek’s BlogSeeker blog tracking service hadn’t been updated since March, someone at eWeek must have been reading The Inquisitr, because the page has been updated…with ads.

There isn’t a lot known about the service as for what ever reason eWeek has scrubbed nearly every mention of it, except for a few stray remaining links. The service may have also been linked to Steve Gillmor given his face was on it, although this isn’t clear either.

The newly refreshed Blogseeker maintains links to the same tired list of blog links as before, but this time they are buried in the left hand side sidebar. The rest of the page: ads, ads and more ads. Call me old fashioned, but killing off a service by stuffing the page full of ads doesn’t seem particularly classy to me. But having said that, half the ads are Microsoft ads, so maybe making the site look like an adware attack in IE7 is somewhat appropriate.

(thanks to Louis Gray for the tip)