Woman Claims Simon Cowell Sends Her Into Panic Attacks [Video]

Michelle Hall, 42, of Houghton-le-Spring, Sunderland, claims that she is allergic to X Factor judge Simon Cowell. Plenty of people are afraid of the judge’s blatant comments, but Hall says that she is at a point where the very sight of Cowell sends her into a panic attack.

According to Mirror UK, Hall’s “allergy” to Cowell started a decade ago. Whenever she sees his face, she palpitates, vomits, and has cold sweats. Even X Factor’s theme tune sends her into a panic.

“There’s no escaping him,” she said.

“Ever since Simon Cowell first appeared on ‘X Factor’ back in 2004, I’ve had very real problems. As soon as he walked on stage wearing those trousers pulled up to his chest, grinning demonically and winking, I felt a cold sweat coming on.”

Hall’s husband brought her to a doctor, and it was confirmed that she has a phobia of Simon Cowell. The doctor suggested a few relaxation techniques such as deep breaths whenever she starts going into a panic attack. When deep breaths didn’t work, she was prescribed antidepressants to help beat her phobia.

Hall’s phobia of Cowell is difficult for the household, as her daughters are big fans of Britain’s Got Talent and X Factor. To avoid seeing Cowell, Hall’s husband takes her out while her kids stay at home watching Cowell’s shows, Closer Online reports.

Working at a shop that sells newspapers is extremely difficult for Hall, as there are times when Cowell is on the front page.

Simon Cowell has received news about Hall’s phobia and Xtra Factor, X Factor’s companion show, even took the time to discuss it on the show. Hall was interviewed through the phone while Cowell kept silent the entire time. Cowell responded to Hall’s explanation by holding up a paper with the word “Thanks” and another one with “Fancy dinner?” written.

When asked if there was anything she liked about Simon, Hall replied, “Not really.”

Cowell said that he is willing to meet Michelle, and she is welcome to visit his show any time. According to a newspaper, Hall said that she is grateful for Cowell’s invitation, but thinks that meeting Simon in person will be excruciatingly hard for her, especially since her reaction is already severe enough just watching Cowell on the television.