Taylor Swift Charms Blake Shelton On ‘The Voice’ In Preview: Where’s The Bromance? [Video]

Sorry, Adam Levine, but The Voice just added a potential challenger to your famous “bromance” with Blake Shelton. Taylor Swift is joining the team temporarily as a guest mentor, and she’s managed to charm Blake Shelton with her wit and warmth, revealed Taste of Country.

NBC released a new promo showing that Swift swiftly sweetened Shelton’s attitude toward her. So is she one of the “crazy girls,” questions Blake? Watch Taylor answer that question.

Although Taylor is well-known for her “Trouble When You Walked In” style of romance and country-stirred-with-pop-music lyrics, audiences rarely get to experience her personality. Now she uses The Voice as an opportunity to reveal her wacky sense of humor. Shelton provides the perfect foil.

“How come when you refer to crazy girls, you never throw yourself in that category?” asks Blake.

“I just feel like it’s assumed and understood,” answers Taylor.

As The Voice has matured, NBC has brought new artists to the famous revolving chairs that create the suspenseful blind audition atmosphere. But through the seasons, the friendship between Adam Levine and Blake has stayed strong. Now that Levine is married, is the bromance over?

Or have the two new coaches on The Voice, Gwen Stefani and Pharrell Williams, formed a bond through their kindness to the contestants, as the Los Angeles Times points out?

Both Stefani and Williams have made a point of consoling cast-off contestants, while Levine and Shelton relax in those revolving chairs. Their empathy was evident in particular with music student Brittany Butler, who could not stop weeping after she quickly scooted from the stage upon learning she was eliminated.

“If you use this platform in the right way, you go up from here, not down,” said Pharrell gently.

“Do you know how many years I was in a band before I got on the radio? Nine! It took a long time,” emphasized Gwen firmly.

Although NBC has not focused on the bromance between Levine and Shelton during this season of The Voice yet, the reality TV singing competition has repeatedly showcased contestants referring to Gwen Stefani’s beauty. As the Inquisitr revealed, she has sizzled on the show with her energetic exuberance and enthusiasm.

And although Levine may not have tormented Shelton with his usual love-hate taunting, Gwen quickly took up the baton via Twitter.

Oh man! How did @blakeshelton get her?? I don’t think he’s playing fair…

Stefani also welcomed Taylor with a friendly tweet.

My last steal! Excited to welcome @TaylorSwift13 next week and work with my team more! I think you’re going to like what we have in store :)

[Image Via NBC]