Hilary Duff Holds Hands With Mike Comrie: ‘We’re Really Good Friends’

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie attended a Halloween party on Friday night in Los Angeles together.

The reason why the separated couple made headlines was because they decided to hold hands in front of the paparazzi, according to Us Weekly.

It may appear to some that they are working on getting back together and reconciling their marriage. However, based on past interviews conducted with Hilary Duff after they first separated, this type of friendly interaction should not be a surprise.

Back in May, for example, Hilary Duff opened up to Giuliana Rancic with E! News about the speculation regarding their possible reconciliation since they were “constantly seen together.”

“We’re constantly seen together and people are like, ‘What are they doing? Are they back together? Are they not?’ We’re really good friends and we have so much respect for each other and obviously Luca is our No. 1 priority.”

Two-year-old Luca Cruz Comrie was born on March 20, 2012. Hilary Duff announced the arrival of her firstborn child with Mike Comrie on her official Twitter page two days after he was born.

In addition to taking care of their son, Hilary Duff also stated to Giuliana Rancic during that May interview that she and Mike Comrie “love each other so much” and “love spending time together.” The 27-year old actress and singer also admitted that neither of them knew what the “future looks like right now” but they were just trying to focus on finding out what makes them happy.

“We love each other so much and we love spending time together. So when you see us out it’s not just for Luca, it’s because we make plans and we hang out and we don’t know what our future looks like right now but we’re both doing really good and just figuring out what makes us happy.”

It is also important to note that the Halloween party was not the only time this month that Hilary Duff was photographed with Mike Comrie in public. The couple was also photographed shopping together (along with their son) in Los Angeles.

What do you think? Are Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie really just being good friends, or are they possibly reconciling their marriage?

[Image Credit: Pop Sugar]