October 26, 2014
Is The Islamic Salafist Movement The New Nazism In Germany?

Despite its recognition of being a terrorist organization by news outlets as well as governments around the world, the Islamic State has garnered a following of supporters for their cause not just in the Middle East, but in other countries as well. The Inquisitr has stayed up-to-date on these stories, including instances when people outside of the Middle East turned towards the IS. Two teenage girls from Austria actually ran away from home to become wives for Islamic State jihadists, something they reportedly now regret doing. However, there are other girls wanting to join the terrorist group, especially some teens from Denver. Probably the most violent show of loyalty to the IS is when a French Jewish girl tried to blow up her parent's home.

Now there is a brand of Islam, known as the Salafist Movement, that is spreading like wildfire. It is prominent in many countries in Europe, especially Germany. According to some reports, Salafism may be the new Nazism.

According to an article by CBN News, which was followed up by Charisma News, Salafism is an extreme brand of Islam that preaches hatred towards Christians and Jews. Back in June, 1,000 police fanned out across Germany targeting homes and mosques of Salafi Muslims who model themselves after Muhammad and strictly follow shariah law. They also believe in violent jihad, which is shared by al-Qaida and many other Islamic terrorist groups. Just by that description alone, that might be why both sources compared Salafism to Nazism.

Now the Salafist ideology is growing among the 4.3 million Muslims in Germany. This is verified Franz Feyder, a German journalist who's been following he Salafist Movement scene very closely.

"We have a really dynamic growing Salafi scene. Some of the security officers tell us that we have about 5,000 Salafis in Germany. The Salafi movement in Germany is creating an environment for violence and radicalization. Not every Salafist is a terrorist, but every terrorist is a Salafist."

Franz Feyder's statement may be attributed to another article by Breitbart, which reported that a German jihadist threatening a "filthy merkel" in the latest Islamic State video.

The video shows the terrorist, who identifies himself as Abu Dauoud as Michael N. It should be noted there is no explanation why Michael's last name was not fully spelled out. Anyways, he lived in Gladbeck, North Rhine-Westphalia, which is just 329 miles east of Berlin. He also preached at mosques in Solingen, a town prominent with Salafism.

Now that you've read the report on the spread of Salafism in Germany and what it may cause, what are your views about it? Is this something that needs to be rectified, or is it a minor threat?

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