Nevada Man Attacks 7 People With A Hammer

A Las Vegas area man was arrested after attacking seven people with a hammer. The man spent an hour driving around the suburbs of Las Vegas attacking people with a sledgehammer, apparently at random. Police arrested the man in Henderson, Nevada today.

KTNV 13 Action News in Nevada reports that 31-year-old Damien D. Robins, a resident of Las Vegas, faces six counts of attempted murder and a count of assault with a deadly weapon for his hammer attacks.

The attacks began in Boulder City, a suburb of Las Vegas, at about 8 p.m. on Friday, when the suspect attacked a woman in a convenience store parking lot. He then ran another driver off the road, authorities say, on U.S. Highway 93. He then struck that man several times with a one-handed sledgehammer before driving off. He later ran another driver off the roadway, they continue, and attacked that person. Robins then proceeded into Henderson, police reports state, cutting off a driver at the intersection of Greenway Road and Horizon Drive. He attacked that driver with the hammer before getting back into his car and continuing his rampage.

He attacked another driver with his hammer not far away from the previous attack after cutting her off in an intersection. Before his final attack, he stopped at Foothill High School, where Robins is said to have jumped from his car to hit another man with his hammer as police arrived. The suspect fled and they gave chase. He made another stop at a Taco Bell drive-thru to attack his final victim with the hammer, but did not hurt the person as officers in pursuit arrived. Robins ran.

Two hours after his rampage began, Robins surrendered to police. The investigation by Boulder and Henderson police continues, reports the Las Vegas Review Journal, as victims receive treatment at nearby hospitals. The attacks are believed to be indiscriminate, and police did say that Robins has a previous criminal history for robbery. Robins’ family says that Damien left home several days ago and had not returned.

The condition of the seven victims of the alleged hammer attacker are not clear, but all seem to have survived as of this reporting. Detectives on the case are attempting to ascertain a motive for the hammer attacks, and what Robins had been doing in Boulder City before they began.