Obama Divorce Rumors: Barack And Michelle Can’t Escape Reports Of Marital Strife

Barack and Michelle Obama have faced divorce rumors for several years as tabloid magazines and tell-all books detail what they say is trouble in the White House, and now a new batch of rumors are surfacing.

The First Couple appear in public to be the model of a good marriage, as they collaborate together on health initiatives and play an active role in the lives of their daughters, Sasha and Malia. But new tabloid reports claim that the couple is not as happy as they appear, with both Barack and Michelle reportedly having affairs.

The reports of the past few weeks are nothing new. Earlier in the summer author Edward Klein released a tell-all book called Blood Feud that claimed the couple’s marriage was really a sham. He claimed that the couple hadn’t shared a bed in quite some time, and that a counselor suggested that both of them take anti-depressants, to which both Barack and Michelle refused.

Klein wrote, “Although there was no question that Barack Obama loved his wife, their relationship was fraught with tension. To begin with, Michelle never let him forget that it was she, not he, who had made all the sacrifices in the marriage. And that she’d had to accommodate to a life that was not what she had envisioned for herself.”

Others claims that the Obamas actually split many years ago, and have kept their marriage together only for show and to advance their stature in politics. Reporter Richard Wolffe claimed that their financial troubles nearly drove Barack and Michelle to split in the 1990s.

“There was little conversation and even less romance. She was angry at his selfishness and careerism; he thought she was cold and ungrateful,” Wolffe wrote in the book, Renegade.

But if it’s true that Barack and Michelle Obama are headed for divorce, sources say it is still some time away. They are rumored to be splitting sometime in 2016, after they have left the White House.