Scientifically Proven Guide Will Help You Order The Perfect Salad Every Time

It is scientifically proven that eating more greens is essential for optimal health, especially if someone wants to reverse the effects of lifestyle diseases. The Inquisitr has kept up with reporting on health, specifically diets and food. For awhile now, McDonald's has been accused of serving their customers fake foods, but their recent campaign shows otherwise. There are even talks that they may switch to organic food as well. Also there was a special report which detailed trendy health diets that actually work.

Parlaying off the article about trendy health diets that actually work, all three of them in one way or the other utilize salads. For some, this is not a problem, but for others, salads are not high on the list of foods they would prefer to eat. That is why a new scientifically proven guide was published that helps people order the perfect salad every single time.

According to an article by the Huffington Post and followed-up personally with other sites like Edita Kaye, it reports that Huffpost Taste consulted The Flavor Bible, a detailed guide to ingredient pairing, to harmonize foods especially those used as additional ingredients in salads. This task of pairing was given importance in the article through a very relative story, in which it makes the reader the main protagonist.

"When you decide on a chopped salad for lunch, you prematurely pat yourself on the back. Good work, old me, for electing the affordable, healthy option today. Bravo."

"But, upon entering the salad establishment, you are struck with the realization that going healthy and cheap will be challenging. You are equal parts overwhelmed and elated by the bite-sized edibles packed neatly behind the glass: A colorful melange of cheese, veggies, fruits, nuts and protein present themselves before you. You crave all of them. The masterminds behind the commercialized salad bar anticipate your struggle. And they count on it. Many franchised, fast-food salad restaurants offer anywhere from three to five fixings included in their flat-rate price -- then they start charging you extra."

The situation of making a behemoth salad which costs a lot and the flavors don't mix is always an annoyance. Huffpost Taste utilized the Manhattan area as a reference, in which there are 38 different salad restaurants. All of them know that their patrons are indecisive, and their calculating minds aim to get as much of your money from said indecisiveness.

That is why the scientifically proven guide to ordering the perfect salad was created. A sample of the chart is shown below, in which the first column shows an ingredient a salad patron cannot sacrifice. The next three ingredient and salad dressing to the right of the first ingredient are proven to be perfect compliments to the initial ingredient.

Huffpost Taste
This is just a sample of the perfect pairing chart to make the perfect salads every single time.

If you want to see the entire chart, you can at Imgur, which shows there are sixteen combinations. What do you think about the scientifically proven chart that will assist people in making the perfect salad every single time? Do you agree or disagree with the pairings provided?

[Post Image via Huffpost Taste]