10 Commandments Smasher Says Satan Made Him Do It

The driver who confessed to taking his vehicle over the Oklahoma capital’s lawn and smashing the 10 Commandments statue claims that Satan made him do it. So far, it is unclear whether the Secret Service, which arrested the man, will attempt to question Satan about the incident or bring him to trial as an accomplice.

The story broke yesterday after the vandal smashed the 10 Commandments statue at the Oklahoma Capitol Building Thursday night. He then returned to the scene to allegedly confess to the crime and to urinating on the monument as well, though it’s unclear whether he did that before or after he’d allegedly knocked it down. The suspect’s name has not been released, but authorities say that he made vague threats against President Barack Obama and claiming that Satan made him smash the 10 Commandments. The threats against the president got the Secret Service involved, according to an Inquisitr report yesterday.

The suspect, says Time Magazine, drove his car into the monument at about 9 p.m. on Thursday night, smashing the 10 Commandments statue. The vehicle used to smash the large statue was left on the scene, so authorities may have already been well on their way towards apprehending the suspect. Although no reports as to charges levied against the suspect or evidence gathered that might corroborate his confession have been made, it’s likely that these items will be announced early next week.

The six-foot tall 10 Commandments statue was erected on the Capital building’s front steps after Republican State Representative Mike Ritze and his family paid $10,000 to have it made and erected. The American Civil Liberties Union has been suing to have the monument removed, but decried the attack and destruction of it as vandalism.

So far, no word has come from the Satanists who wished to erect a 7-foot tall statue of Satan next to the 10 Commandments monument on First Amendment grounds, says Fox News. The alleged 10 Commandments smasher is not known to be associated with that group.

The site Western Journalism reports that the man who confessed to the crime has been taken in for psychological evaluation, and says that he is diagnosed as bipolar and has been off his medications for some time. Their source, KFOR, implies that his claim that Satan made him smash the 10 Commandments could be related to those issues.