'Revenge' Season 4 Spoilers: Nolan Reunites With David Clarke

Revenge Season 4 is heating up, and now that David Clarke is officially back in town and alive, he'll be coming in contact with a lot of people from him past, including Nolan, with whom he has a great former friendship.

According to Carter Matt, Revenge fans watched as David Clarke fell back under Victoria Grayson's spell in the previous episode, but this week he'll be reunited with Nolan, who could very well clear up all the confusion about Amanda Clarke and Emily Thorne.

As Revenge viewers know, David Clarke believes that his daughter, Amanda Clarke, is dead, because he has no idea that she and Emily Thorne switched identities years ago so that Amanda could carry out her revenge plans. When Amanda, who was really Emily died, David believed that he had lost his little girl forever. Later, when David went to kill Emily Thorne, who Victoria Grayson made out to be an evil enemy, he couldn't do it as he recognized something about Emily.

Will David Clarke believe Nolan on this week's episode of Revenge, or will he take Victoria Grayson's side. Either way, it looks like David will have a lot of thinking to do about who he can, and cannot trust now that he's back in the Hamptons and making serious waves with the locals and in the media.

IB Times reports that David Clarke will find out about the Amanda and Emily connection, and that Emily will be busy planning her big reunion with her long lost father, which should be very emotional, and has been four seasons in the making.

Revenge fans are sure to be on the edge of their seats during Season 4 of the show, as it's already proving to be one of the most dramatic of the series.

Could Emily and David reconnect and decide to take down Victoria Grayson together, or will David Clarke, still in love with Victoria, turn his back on his daughter and run into the open arms of Emily's sworn nemesis?

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Emily will come face-to-face with her father, but it's unclear about whether that reunion will be a happy one, or end up with Emily Thorne in tears over disappointment in her father's new attitude and actions.

What do you think will happen with Emily and Nolan reunite with David Clarke during Revenge Season 4?

[Image Credit: ABC]