Megan Fox Cast As Female Lead In James Franco's 'Zeroville'

Megan Fox and James Franco posed for an Instagram photo on Tuesday, showing off his new hairdo and Fox in a bloody dress. The photo (below) sparked rumors that James has finally cast Megan as the female lead for his film Zeroville.

"Megan Foxy is the best!" Franco said in his photo caption. The star left the rest of Hollywood to connect the dots between Megan and his new movie.

Entertainment Weekly confirmed the casting yesterday. They further added that Fox will play a starlet with a troubled past. Megan's character will be James' romantic interest. Other cast members include Franco's pals and frequent co-stars Seth Rogen, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson, as well as Will Ferrell, Jacki Weaver, and comedian Horatio Sanz. Producers include Vince Jolivette, Caroline Aragon, and Michael Mendelsohn.

Megan has yet to comment on her new role, which is currently in production in Los Angeles.

Megan Fox and James Franco pose on Instagram

Zeroville is an adaptation of Steve Erickson's novel of the same name. The novel critiques the change in movies and Hollywood in the 1970s. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Franco's flick will open in 1969 as his character arrives in Los Angeles. His character, Ike Jerome, is film-obsessed, and earns his dream job of becoming a film editor. He has a peculiar tattoo of Montgomery Clift and Elizabeth Taylor on the back of his shaved head, the reason for James' new look.

Ike encounters starlets whose glory days have passed behind them, burglars, filmmakers and punk rockers among many of Hollywood's other colorful characters. The character Fox plays has not been named or identified as one particular actress from the novel.

Fox's most recent movie, Michael Bay's Teenage Mutant Teenage Turtles, grossed $375 million worldwide. A sequel has already received the green light for a 2016 release. Megan was criticized for her involvement in another Bay film after bashing the director's lack of preparation for Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. However, her recent support for the director and his projects may mean future roles as April O'Neil and in potential Transformers sequels, as as reported by Inquisitr.

Megan also recently starred in This Is 40 and Friends With Kids. Fox and husband Bryan Austin Green celebrated the birth of a second child in February. They have been married since 2010.

Hopefully for Megan's character, the bloody outfit is just a Halloween prank!

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