Do You Take Cream Or Hitler With Your Coffee? Supermarket Makes Horrible Blunder

Migros, a massive Swiss supermarket, has issued a formal apology for what they refer to as an “unforgivable blunder.” The company distributed miniature containers of coffee cream which bore the portraits of both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

The store, which also sells electronics and household goods as well as groceries, had fortunately not yet placed the boxes containing the little coffee cream containers with the portraits of Hitler and Mussolini onto their shelves, and obviously will not. The store decided, apparently, that most people would prefer not to start their morning staring into the faces of those who are guilty of attempting genocide and world domination.

Unfortunately, some of the boxes with the offensive coffee creamers did get delivered to various restaurants and coffee shops that Migros supplies, resulting in some very shocked coffee drinkers.

Although Migros does take responsibility for the incident, calling it an “internal failure” and vowing to “tighten our controls for these products drastically,” they were not the ones who designed the offensive little coffee creamers. It was another Swiss company, Karo-Versand, that designed a series of 55 different motifs for the mini coffee creamers. The series, including the likenesses of the German and Italian fascist dictators, are meant to be collectible.

Instead, it was a collective failure, and the company now faces closing. Migros certainly withdrew their partnership with the small company, and earlier Karo-Versand, which employs only four people, reported that if Migros ended their business relationship, they would surely have to close.

But Peter Walchli, director of Karo-Versand, doesn’t even seem apologetic.

“This series was only meant for collectors. It’s not our fault the images were distributed to a hundred restaurants,” said Wälchli.

Collecting coffee creamer lids is actually a Swiss tradition, much like collecting the rings off of cigars.

But Migros isn’t buying it at all.

“To say that these designs would not have caused a problem if they were only destined for collectors is an argument we cannot accept,” said Migros spokesperson Trisan Cerf.

As the Sun Herald reports, Karo-Versand didn’t just issue a poorly designed product, they actually issued an item with portraits of Hitler and Mussolini “on a continent for which 70 years is not long enough to forget the terror that the megalomaniacal fascists visited on the world.”

But it seems as though, in spite of the outcry against the images and losing what is probably their biggest source of income, Karo-Versand is still standing somewhat by their product.

Walchli, in what may be the biggest understatement ever, says, “Maybe we didn’t pay enough attention to the Hitler thing.”

[Image via The Local]