Iggy Azalea Pays Tribute To Notorious B.I.G. In New Single, ‘Beg For It’

Iggy Azalea found a clever and creative way to pay tribute to Notorious B.I.G. in her new single, “Beg For It.”

If you missed the Notorious B.I.G. reference the first time that you heard this new Iggy Azalea song, pay close attention to the lyrics towards the end of the second verse.

“Iggy Iggy Iggy can’t you see?
That everybody wanna put their hands on me
See I be on this money why your man on me
And I need another hand with all these bandz on me”

The “Iggy, Iggy, Iggy can’t you see?” part is an interpolation of the 1997 Notorious B.I.G. hit song, “Hypnotize,” according to Billboard Magazine — primarily the lyrics of the catchy chorus.

“Biggie Biggie Biggie can’t you see
Sometimes your words just hypnotize me
And I just love your flashy ways
Guess that’s why they broke, and you’re so paid”

The song, “Beg For It,” will be featured as one of the singles from Iggy Azalea’s upcoming studio album release, Reclassified.

According to Rap-Up, this album is actually an official reissue of her debut studio album, The New Classic. The reissue will be released on November 24, 2014.

In the meantime, Iggy Azalea announced on her official Facebook page on Friday that she will be performing “Beg For It” when she appears on Saturday Night Live alongside host Jim Carrey.

Quite a few fans and critics alike are excited about seeing Iggy Azalea perform, and are just as excited about the actual song itself.

Can’t wait to see bae on SNL tonight. @IGGYAZALEA #BegForIt

— Número Uno (@THEmale_madonna) October 25, 2014

YOOOOOO @IGGYAZALEA what have you done?!? #BegForIt is FiiiiRRREEEE — XACHAREE (@ZACKTHEGEMINI) October 25, 2014

Are you excited to hear Iggy Azalea perform “Beg For It” live?

[Image Credit: Gig Wise]