Duck Dynasty’s Jep Robertson Hospitalized

Duck Dynasty’s Jep has been hospitalized after he suffered a seizure last weekend while deer hunting. Jep Robertson is the youngest brother of Willie Robertson, Duck Commander CEO and son of Phil and Kay Robertson.

CBS Houston reports that 36-year-old Jep Robertson said, “Well, I about died this past Sunday…I’m doing much better now. Thanks for all the prayers!” Robertson tweeted.

Robertson’s representative told Us Weekly that the A&E reality star was with friends when the seizure occurred. Jep was deer hunting with friends, and Willie was at the hunting camp when this occurred, so he was by his side in a matter of minutes.

“Jep was rushed to the hospital and received immediate treatment. He is don’t wll now, but is still in the hospital for additional tests and observation, and he is being treated with antibiotics to cover a range of possible infections believed to have caused the seizure.”

He did not sustain any permanent damage.

There are two kinds of seizure disorders; an isolated seizure that occurs only once and epilepsy. Medical experts say that a seizure is easy to recognize, but finding the cause of a seizure can be extremely difficult.

Doctors will begin with a thorough physical examination, and then he or she will take a personal and family history of seizures. Seizures are associated with several diseases and conditions, and it can take time to determine their exact cause.

Certain seizures are often hereditary and may be caused by imbalances in a person’s kidney or liver function or in their blood sugar.

Robertson has appeared on Duck Dynasty with his family since 2012. Jep’s family consists of wife Jessica and his four children, all of whom appear with him on the show. Jep is often on the receiving end of pranks by his older brothers. It has been said on the show by his brothers that he is the favorite son of mother, Kay.

He recently supported his niece, Sadie Robertson, during her Dancing with the Stars performance on October 6th. Sadie has been in the spotlight recently for her decision to remain a virgin until marriage. Her Christian beliefs have also spilled-over onto her tenure with Dancing with the Stars. She has received accolades for toning down her sexy rumba routine.

After consulting with her mother and grandmother, Kay Robertson, Sadie felt some of the moves were inappropriate, and she made changes accordingly.

While loyal Duck Dynasty fans await updates from Jep since he was hospitalized, they are also counting down season to season seven that begins on November 19th on A&E.

[Image Via A&E TV ]