Yahoo unveils new mobile apps

Over the past several years, Yahoo has been struggling to remain relevant after Google walked right over the company, handily taking the top spot for everyone’s search engine needs. Couple that with a now vacant CEO position, and it would appear that Yahoo is in a bad way.

Yahoo isn’t about to let their woes get in the way of moving forward, however – today the company launched a new app for mobile devices aimed at strengthening Yahoo’s brand by displaying content from Yahoo’s content partners by way of a sleek, magazine-style app.

Called Livestand, the app displays content from Yahoo’s array of top content partners based on the user’s interests. Not only is the content catered towards a person’s interests, the ad system Yahoo is using takes into account a user’s interests as well, setting up a potentially powerful advertisement platform for advertisers to go after users with specific interests.

The app is currently available for the iPad, and Yahoo says that an Android version should be made available within the first half of next year.

In addition to the unveiling of Livestand, Yahoo also launched a new iPad app called IntoNow. The app determines what television program the user is watching based on the sound, and then allows the user to share what they’re watching on their social network of choice, or look up more information on the show and find related content.

via ZDNet, WSJ

[Image: Yahoo via ZDNet]