Hank Baskett Affair: Kendra Wilkinson's Husband Contacts The FBI About Extortion

Hank Baskett is trying to make transsexual model Ava London pay for threatening his marriage to Kendra Wilkinson, and he's doing it by getting the FBI involved in the aftermath of his alleged affair. If he's going to go down, London is going to go with him.

According to TMZ, Hank Baskett is claiming that Ava London "illegally recorded and extorted him." Ava allegedly tried to get Hank to pay her $5,000 for her silence. This could get London in big trouble if it's true, and Baskett's attorney, Lee Hutton, has already contacted the FBI about the model's attempted extortion.

Hutton is headed to court next week in hopes of scoring Ava London's records, and he believes that they'll show evidence of her extortion attempt.

The fallout over Hank Baskett's alleged affair with Ava London has been tabloid fodder for months, and fans of Kendra on Top have watched Kendra Wilkinson's relationship with her husband slowly unravel on the WE tv reality show. In a recent episode, Kendra told Hank that she no longer wanted him in her house and threatened to smash a "World's Greatest Husband and Father" trophy over his head.

Kendra Wilkinson has talked to the press quite a bit about Hank Baskett's alleged affair, and it doesn't look like she's quite ready to give up on her marriage just yet. During a recent interview with E! News, Wilkinson accused London of blackmail and said that she "actually didn't even care" about the audio tapes released by the model. Because Kendra didn't see the tapes as being very incriminating, she simply decided to take some time to decide how she wants to handle the scandal.

"I'm not making a rash decision, divorcing or staying with him. I'm trying to let things happen naturally, let things play out a little longer."
As The Inquisitr previously reported, Ava London has made it known that she thinks Kendra Wilkinson should divorce Hank Baskett.

According to Radar Online, London claims that Baskett contacted her through a video she had posted on YouTube. She says that Hank "absolutely knew" that she was transsexual and that they engaged in a sex act together. Baskett allegedly "enjoyed their fling so much, he gifted her about $500."

Hank Baskett's version of events is very different. According to TMZ, Baskett claims that he met London and one of her friends at a grocery store, and the girls invited him to go home with him. The trio smoked weed together, and Ava London took her clothes off. After discovering that Ava was transsexual, Hank ended their little party. So basically Baskett admits to trying to cheat on his wife but backing out after discovering a body part he wasn't expecting to see.

According to Mail Online, Ava London claims that she didn't try to extort Hank Baskett -- she alleges that he offered to pay her $7,000 in hush money.

Do you believe Hank Baskett's story or Ava London's version of events?

[Image credits: Hank Baskett/Instagram, Ava S. Masaniai/Facebook]