Severed Heads Line The Streets Of ISIS Capital [Disturbing Video]

In Raqqa, Syria, where ISIS has taken control, and which serves as a home base, or capital, for the upstart terrorist organization, human heads have been impaled on the spikes of fences as a warning to those who oppose the occupation of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

In a report on CNN, reporter Nick Paton Walsh gives outsiders a view of the conditions inside Raqqa as the opposition works under the cover of darkness to distribute anti-ISIS messages via graffiti and on posted fliers all around the city. Walsh goes on to show in his video report a recruiting fair by ISIS that targets children only, where those in attendance are told they will be killed if they do not take up the cause to fight for "god." There is a table set up and what looks like colorful toys or nicknacks in plastic wrappers set out to further entice the children to take up arms and fight.

The video ends with the ghastly images of Syrian National troops bodies lying on the sidewalk in downtown Raqqa, their heads removed and set onto the spires on top of the fences that line the government buildings. The barbaric scenes are displayed for all to witness in the busy part of Raqqa, where passersby cannot help but see.

ISIS' use of severed heads as a show of their strength and brutality has been well-documented. Over 50 opposition fighters heads' were impaled on poles in northern Raqqa this past July and America journalist James Foley was beheaded on camera this past summer, both stories were reported on The Inquisitr. Foley was only the first of now four televised beheadings by ISIS. In response, the U.S. and her allies have stepped up airstrikes in the region to cripple ISIS, and the attacks seem to be working to dismantle strongholds. According to a recent report, the airstrikes have begun to hit and kill ISIS fighters.

But in Raqqa, the citizens fear for their lives and their children are forced to choose fighting for the terrorists or death. The grisly reminder of severed heads on fence pikes tells the citizens of Raqqa that ISIS will go to any lengths to make their point, and their caliphate will go on, even as airstrikes cripple their strongholds all around them.

Do you think that ISIS can be stopped with airstrikes? Do you think the use of severed heads lining the streets intimidates others to fight for the cause? Sound off in the comments below.