Hillary Clinton States That Corporations And Businesses Don’t Create Jobs? Really? [Video]

As of now, the Left Wing side of the Government — being the democratic party, liberals, and progressives in general — are taking a stand when it comes to the big, bad wolves known as corporations and businesses. As of now, Hillary Clinton is leading the charge in which she is attacking people who go against the dramatic increase in minimum wage as well as trickle-down economics. The thing with Hillary is she said something that may not actually translate well for a lot of people when she stated the following.

“Don’t let anybody tell you that it’s corporations and businesses that create jobs.”

Without really diving into the matter, common knowledge would take into account that if one were to have a job or career, they will have to apply for it at a corporation or business. Doesn’t matter if the business is a local grocer or a Fortune 500 corporation — they create jobs. Even self-employed people are known as their own business!

Nevertheless, both Fox News and Real Clear Politics reported on Hillary Clinton stating this during a Democratic rally in Massachusetts. To be fair, she may have been caught up in the moment in her attempt to attack trickle-down economics — or to what most people may know as Reaganomics —when she said corporations and businesses don’t create jobs.

It should also be reported that trickle-down economics has been in the news as of late because it has been linked to the richest man in China, as explained by Rush Limbaugh. Just as a recap, trickle-down economics involves giving tax cuts and breaks to corporations and businesses in the belief that savings will “trickle-down” to the people in the working class. In all fairness, this theory works, but only if the big wigs on the upper level of a business or corporation are willing to “trickle-down” the savings to their employees. Some of them just keep all the money themselves in the form of a bonus, and that is where trickle-down economics will most likely not work.

What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s words that businesses and corporations don’t create jobs? Did you think she really meant what she said, said something out of context, or was caught up in the moment?