Camilla Parker-Bowles Reportedly Wants Kate Middleton To Name Royal Baby After Her

Camilla Parker-Bowles is just of the people who reportedly wants to have a say in the naming of the forthcoming royal baby, despite the fact that that privilege surely belongs to Kate Middleton, the mother of the child, and no one else.

Nevertheless, recent reports allege that the Duchess is having a girl, and the new arrival is obviously greatly anticipated by all. But being that Kate is the one who is carrying the child, and has reportedly suffered from extreme morning sickness for the best part of her first trimester, the last thing she may be thinking of is baby names as she returns to her royal duties.

A number of tabloid publications in Britain have reported that Prince William is thrilled to be having a girl, as per the doctor’s report from the couple’s recent check up, “Princess Kate is likely going to give birth to a baby girl in April 2014!”

But, as is the way with the royals, when it comes to the matter of baby naming, things are seldom simple, as various family members try to put their proverbial “oar in” and give their opinion as to what the name should be. They may not get dibs on the first name, but they may get a say in the second or “spare” royal name.

Some tabloids are claiming that Queen Elizabeth has first rights to the “spare” name, and wants that name to Margaret, after her sister.

For Prince William’s part, as per the reports, he would obviously want his daughter to be named after his late mother, Diana, who was such an inspiration to so many in her life through her charity and philanthropic work.

Accordingly, the queen apparently wants at least an aristocratic and traditional name for her great-granddaughter, while her son, Prince Charles, may also get drawn into the baby naming saga, and that means that his oftentimes controversial wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, will also want a say, and according to reports, she wants the “spare” name to be Camilla.

Of course, for now, the rumors of the new royal baby naming, as well as whether it will turn out to be a girl, as per the speculative reports, are just baseless theories as no one really yet knows what the baby’s sex will be, let alone what the child will be called.

As for Kate Middleton, she has only just gotten over what was reportedly an acute case of morning sickness and may not have the head for the foreseeable future when it comes to baby names.