Woman’s $70K Stomach Stash Results In Airport Arrest: Smuggler Swallowed 16 Capsules Containing Cash


A woman’s $70K stomach stash made the news when an unidentified 40-year-old woman was arrested with the large amount of cash hidden inside her body. Having $70K stored inside her stomach was no small feat. The bills were separated into 16 discrete capsules, each containing an undisclosed amount of money. Although there is no indication that the cash was split into equal amounts, if it was, each capsule would have contained $4,375.

The woman with the $70K stomach cache was a first for Dominican authorities, who confirmed that they had never arrested anyone for smuggling cash in their tummy. National Drug Control Agency Spokesman Dario Medrano told the media that the unnamed woman was placed under arrest in Punta Cana, a popular tourist destination, according to ABC News. She had recently arrived on a flight from Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, to Dominican Republic.

Medrano said that the $70K in the woman’s stomach was likely the product of drug trafficking. Her name has not been released by authorities, but they did reveal that she was transporting an additional $69K inside a suitcase. According to a Fansided report, how authorities were alerted to the presence of cash inside the woman’s stomach remains a mystery. The woman apparently swallowed the capsules of cash. How she planned to retrieve them on demand also remains unknown. Likewise, Medrano did not elaborate upon how they intended to remove the capsules of cash from the woman’s stomach.

A smuggler who swallowed 220 diamonds must have experienced a similar ordeal when an airport scan of his body revealed the gems. The 25-year-old jewel smuggler was arrested in South Africa while trying to board a plane from Johannesburg to Dubai. His diamond stash was valued at more than $2 million, as previously reported by The Inquisitr.

As noted by The Inquisitr, when an armored truck was involved in an accident earlier this year, the vehicle rolled over and spilled its contents onto a public street. The strange incident took place on a Cranston, Rhode Island, highway at the Reservoir Avenue overpass, forcing southbound traffic to be diverted. When the vehicle overturned, it dumped white canvas duffel bags and clear plastic bags filled with money on the asphalt. The shocking sight quickly drew a crowd of interested bystanders. Both the driver and the passenger of the armored truck that crashed in Cranston sustained injuries in the accident.

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