Jeremy Calvert Rides Dirt Bikes, Plans For Trip To Las Vegas

Jeremy Calvert is moving on from his marriage to Teen Mom 2 star Leah Calvert. Although the reality star has yet to file for divorce, Jeremy is enjoying his newfound freedom by riding dirt bikes with friends and planning for a New Year’s Eve vacation.

On Friday night, Jeremy took to Twitter, where he shared a couple of messages with fans, as well as a photo of some dirty dirt bikes.

“Got a bit muddy today @BurningRock thanks for the track time,” Jeremy Calvert wrote on October 24.

Later that evening, Jeremy re-tweeted a message from a friend, which read, “How have you been bro? Vegas for New Years?”

In response, Jeremy told the friend, “That’s right new years it is.”

Also on October 24, The Inquisistr reported Jeremy hadn’t yet filed to officially end his marriage.

Jeremy Calvert “has not filed for divorce from Leah in their counties, which cover Elkview and the Calverts’ new town, Left Hand,” Starcasm reported. “He has a few more hours before the offices close for the weekend.”

“Although that makes it seem like there’s a chance the Calverts will reconcile, Jeremy indicated yesterday that he has moved out of their new home and still believes Leah had an affair with Robbie,” the site explained.

After Jeremy’s claims of Leah’s alleged cheating, Robbie spoke to Radar Online, denying anything sexual happened between him and the reality star.

“Nothing has happened between Leah and I,” Robbie said. “I am currently dealing with my own family issues.”

Robbie also informed Radar that he recently split from his daughter’s mom, and claimed he had “no idea” where the rumors about him and Leah got started.

“Hard to tell around here,” she said.

On Friday, October, 17, Jeremy Calvert surfaced on Twitter, where he announced to his many fans that his wife had reportedly been unfaithful.

“Well that was a surprise kinda u did it to Corey and now me with the same person good job sl*t,” he wrote, according to The Inquisitr.

During an episode of Teen Mom 2‘s earlier season, Leah admitted to sleeping with Robbie days before marrying her ex-husband, Corey Simms.

Then, when fans began to tweet about a possible hacking, Jeremy confirmed he was the man behind the shocking message.

“It’s me and to the ones who think it’s fake or bs it’s not,” he said, adding that he was “filing this am.”

Leah immediately denied the rumor, telling fans, “I never cheated on my husband and he knows that. There was a rumor and he believed it but it’s ok.”

Jeremy Calvert initially revealed plans for divorce on October 17.

[Photo via Twitter]