Lincoln Project Co-Founder Rick Wilson Faces Scrutiny Over Possible Federal Wire Fraud

Rick Wilson, one of the co-founders of the anti-Donald Trump political action committee The Lincoln Project, is facing scrutiny for possible federal wire fraud linked to a GoFundMe he used to raise money for a documentary — Everything Trump Touches Dies — that has yet to surface.

Notably, journalist Glenn Greenwald on Saturday took to Twitter to highlight that the campaign for the film is now nowhere to be found.

"Oh, and also, the @GoFundMe campaign where @TheRickWilson collected $65,000 from gullible liberals by promising in 2018 to produce a devastating anti-Trump film — continually telling them it was almost done to get more $$ — is now down. Is the $ returned?"
Greenwald continued, pointing to a Substack article from The Reactionary that spotlighted the $64,766 Wilson reportedly raised for the unreleased production. The piece noted that Wilson announced the anti-Trump documentary on September 20, 2017, and planned to release it in January 2018. Although he claimed to be "deep" into the pre-production process on January 22, 2018 and said the documentary was almost complete in March 2018, the movie has yet to be released.

"All of this leads to an interesting question. Supporters paid Rick Wilson $64,766 for a film he never released. Did Rick Wilson commit a crime?" the piece asked.

Although The Reactionary noted there is insufficient evidence to prove that Wilson's GoFundMe broke the federal wire fraud statute — 18 United States Code § 1343 — it nevertheless argued that the public deserves to receive answers from Wilson or federal and state authorities.

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The Lincoln Project has long been accused of profiteering off of anti-Trump sentiment without generating value or results. As The Inquisitr reported, the Federal Election Commission (FEC) data previously revealed that 89.3 percent of the committee's disbursements from November 5, 2019, to March 31, 2020, were funneled to "operating expenditures." Elsewhere, The Daily Beast pointed to a Priorities USA experiment that suggested The Lincoln Project's ads were generally not persuading voters.

In addition, reported The Lincoln Project has faced scrutiny for focusing only a small amount of its money on political advertisements to sway voters while funneling large amounts of funds to its advisory board members.

"The group also hides some of its vendors by stealthily paying subcontractors, making it difficult to follow the money," the non-profit reported.

The scrutiny on The Lincoln Project comes not long after former member and co-founder John Weaver was accused by 21 men of sexual harassment. Although the group claimed ignorance of the accusations and purported secret life led by Weaver, author Ryan Girdusky — who first broke the story — claimed they were lying and said they ignored the accusations until The New York Times addressed them.