‘Destiny’ Iron Banner To Return With Improvements

The Destiny Iron Banner event fell flat when it came out earlier in October. Crucible players on PlayStation and Xbox consoles expected the power level differences to be more pronounced and the rewards to be more rewarding. Bungie is working on a second round of the PvP event, and detailed how the Iron Banner will be improved based on player feedback.

In a weekly update, Bungie promises that the next Iron Banner will have “a much more dramatic difference between players of wide variation in Level.” These level differences will apparently be so great that players under level 20 won’t be able to enter the Iron Banner without their Fireteam leader being level 20 or above. Exact details on the power level differences will announced later.

Players quitting during Iron Banner matches because there was no incentive to stay in a losing cause or penalty for leaving was another problem. Bungie will address that by giving players a Medallion of Iron when playing through a match and losing. Once the player wins their next match, the Medallion will “convert into a reputation gain almost equal to a win.”

The armor and weapon rewards for ranking up in the Iron Banner are also receiving some improvements. New armor is being introduced that will benefit those that have reached level 30 and the number of weapon types will be expanded from two to four.

Destiny Iron Banner

Bounties are being tweaked to make them less of a grind, but so is the entire process of leveling up. Bungie is introducing a 12-hour buff called Tempered, “which will boost Iron Banner reputation gains.” This is to encourage those Destiny players who can’t play non-stop because of jobs and life in general. The boost will be increased as the week goes along so that those that can’t play Destiny non-stop during the week aren’t left out.

Players unhappy with the Iron Banner weapons they received during the last event or during the new will be able to re-roll their stats. Here is how Bungie explained Reforging.

In the next Iron Banner, Lord Saladin will offer players the option of Reforging any Iron Banner weapon (including those from the last event.) This will re-roll all of the upgrades, but will also reset any progression. The cost for each Reforge will be a small number of Motes of Light, so set some aside next time Xur arrives in the Tower.

Bungie will also eventually replace the Iron Banner reputation system with an “Event Standing model” so that ranks can be reset with each PvP event.

Not all of these improvements are guaranteed for the next Iron Banner, however. Additionally, changes are coming to the Queen’s Wrath event, but will take longer.

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[Images via Bungie]