Men Try On Ladies’ Sexy Halloween Costumes, Oh My! [Video]

What happens when men try on ladies’ sexy Halloween costumes? Besides looking hilariously ridiculous, these guys found out those sexy costumes aren’t as much fun for the girls to wear as they are for them to look at.

Buzzfeed recently had several men try on typical women’s sexy Halloween costumes just to get their reactions to the ridiculously impractical outfits that are available for women. Although seeing them in the costumes is fun enough, their reactions to some of them are almost, if not more, funny as the sight of a man in a flirty tutu.

“I came in here pro sexy costumes,” one of the men said, “I’m a little torn now.”

Most of the men were unaware of how many sexy Halloween costume options there actually were for women, with one of them commenting that he liked seeing them on the ladies, but no so much on himself. Another one pointed out the skimpiness of the costumes, noting how cold it usually is on Halloween. He usually wears a lot of clothes, he said.

After trying on the outfits, the “Men of Buzzfeed” were a bit less appreciative of them.

“Ladies, you don’t need to do this,” one of them said.

Another of the male models agreed with a recent Guardian columnist that a creative costume doesn’t have to mean half-dressed.

“There’s a lot more sexiness when people look like they put thought into an outfit,” he said.

But enough chit-chat. Check out the video and enjoy a good laugh at these guys finding out what women have know for years – Halloween is much more comfortable as a zombie.

If you need a guy’s Halloween costume and aren’t really into garters and tutus, maybe this recent Inquistr article about high-tech costumes you can create with a free smartphone app will be more your style.

[Image via Buzzfeed]