Jilted Lover Cuts Off His Own Penis

A man who was dumped by his girlfriend for lackluster bedroom skills reportedly sliced off his own penis and tossed it in the garbage.

In this particular nightmarish instance, apparently size did matter after all.

The incident occurred in Kocani, Macedonia, and the man, age 22, called for help when the bleeding wouldn't stop.

He reportedly told doctors "that his girlfriend had complained about the size of his penis, which led to him mutilating himself with a razor blade," according to the London Telegraph. Added News.com.au, "The man told medics he felt his small penis was to blame for the fact he had been dumped by his girlfriend, and as it was useless, decided to cut it off."

Responding police officers searched the residence and found the member in a trash bin, but physicians at the local hospital lacked the expertise to reattach it. The man was transported to a larger hospital in Skopje, the capital of Macedonia, where doctors sewed it back on during a five-hour surgical procedure.

At this stage, doctors are unable to determine whether his penis will get back to normal.

The various news outlets that reported this incident also noted that another man in Macedonia recently cut off his penis and flushed it down the toilet.

Unfortunately, there have been other extremely disturbing incidents of male genital amputation or self-mutilation from around the world that have hit the media.

In April, for example, an American rapper chopped off his penis when he was high on PCP.

In January, an Indiana woman allegedly sliced the penis of a teenager with a box cutter because she suspected him of molesting her 2-year-old son. A jealous husband in the Philippines reportedly cut off his own penis in October 2013 after arguing with his wife over her alleged infidelity. The appendage was never found, however.

In August 2013, a Chinese man had such a heated argument with his wife that he decided the only way to end their dispute was to cut off one of his testicles. In another instance that same month, an Australian man inserted a fork into his own penis. In September 2013, a wedding in England was delayed after a man who had reportedly cut off his own testicles stormed into a church shortly before it was set to start.

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