Man Dug Up Corpses Of 29 Little Girls For Twisted Fantasies — ‘Not Fit For Trial’ [Warning: Disturbing Footage]

A man who was discovered to have stolen the bodies of at least 29 little girls from their graves in order to fulfill his disturbing fantasies will not stand trial.

Russian police found the mummified remains of 29 girls at the home of Anatoly Moskvin, 46, in 2011. Three years after Moskvin was arrested, a judge decided this week that he will not have to stand trial for his crimes, declaring him mentally unfit

And it seems the prosecution agrees, as a spokesperson stated, “After three years of monitoring him in a psychiatric clinic it is absolutely clear that Moskvin is not mentally fit for trial. He will therefore be kept for psychiatric treatment at the clinic.”

Anatoly Moskvin has been under psychiatric care since his arrest, when police entered his grisly home and found the mummified corpses of 29 little girls, all between the ages of 3 and 12. Some had their faces and hands covered with cloth, some had masks, and most were dressed in brightly-colored, bizarrely festive outfits, including headscarves and stockings. One was even dressed as a teddy bear. Police found that even the clothing Moskvin had dressed the corpses in had been stolen from various graves.


The bodies of the little girls were found scattered around Moskvin’s homes in various poses. Video footage is below, but it is disturbing to watch.

Moskvin says that he dressed them up and threw birthday parties for them, obviously in order to fulfill some twisted obsession. He traces his ghoulish fantasies back to the age of 12, when he says he came across a funeral procession, where he was forced to kiss the face of the dead, who happened to be an 11-year-old girl. He says that shortly after that, he developed an interest in the occult.

To gather his grisly collection, Moskvin says he visited 752 separate cemeteries, sometimes drinking from puddles while spending the night at abandoned farms or in haystacks. He also says that he was questioned by police many times, but that they always let him go.

Moskvin dug up a total of 150 graves in order to accumulate the 29 corpses of young girls.

Strangely enough, at the time of his arrest, Moskvin was a respected historian who reportedly speaks 13 languages, and was described as a “genius” by many. Neighbors were, of course, shocked by the findings in the apartment Moskvin lived in, but there was no doubt that it was Anatoly Moskvin who dug the corpses up and dressed them. Not only did the police find the mummified remains of little girls throughout his home, but they also found a video made and narrated by Moskvin, who, at one point, says, “These dolls are made of mummified human remains.”

Apparently, Moskvin also had printed off instructions on how to make dolls out of human remains, and also kept up-to-date information he had compiled on each of the little girls found in his home.

His disturbing obsession was discovered by his parents, who visited him after returning from a vacation.

Moskvin will remain locked up under psychiatric care.

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[Images via The Crime Library and The Daily Beast]