Romanian Funeral Reveals Local Lothario's AIDS Death: Over 40 Women Now Seeking HIV Testing

An overwhelming number of young women in a Romanian town are outraged after discovering a local lothario died of AIDS. According to the Daily Mail, the shocking news was revealed at the young man's funeral. Of course, several of his lovers - both past and present - attended the funeral. But the memorial service for 24-year-old Daniel Decu reportedly turned into a verbal sparring match when his cause of death was confirmed.

Now, more than 40 women have reportedly applied to have HIV testing done, reports Mirror UK. Although Decu was categorized as a registered citizen living with the condition, unfortunately it was not made public until the autopsy results and coroner's report was released.

Decu's family physician, Cornel Stanciu, was well aware of his patient's condition. However, his personal perspective of the local playboy changed once he discovered Decu had been intimate with his daughter. After learning of Decu's relationship with his daughter, he allegedly intended to make a public statement to warn local citizens of his condition. But, Decu's mother reportedly learned of his plans to oust her son and threatened to file a lawsuit against him for breach of confidentiality, reports New York Daily News. Since Stancil was silenced by attorneys, Decu reportedly continued having sexual relations with local young women.

"I knew he had a lot of female friends but there was nothing I could do about it," Dr. Stancil told investigators. "I started to warn them, but from the moment they told me to stay silent and not say anything, I didn't. I'm not surprised that we now are in the position that we are, because he had many female friends."
Nicolae Popa, the mayor of Segarcea, also weighed in on the disheartening ordeal. He personally feels Decu's mother is to blame.
"The boy's mother is to blame for the terrible situation that we now find ourselves in. It is only now that it has become clear that the family physician knew he was HIV positive and tried to make the situation public. When he started to do so he was threatened with a lawsuit by Daniel's mother."
According to Roman Criminal Law, AIDS is the only disease where a person can be punished for the transmission of the virus when they are aware they have it. Transmission of the AIDS virus carries the possibility of five and 15 years behind bars.

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