Walt Disney World News: The Sorcerer’s Hat Will Leave Hollywood Studios in ‘Early’ 2015

A Walt Disney World icon will soon be no more. According to WDW News Today, the giant blue Sorcerer’s Hat that welcomes you in the heart of Disney’s Hollywood Studios is going to be taken down. While this has been rumored for many years, it was confirmed on Friday. According to the report, cast members were given the news today, being told only that the 122-foot tall structure will be gone in “early 2015.”

Interestingly enough, not many people are too concerned with Disney’s decision to ditch the big blue hat. In fact, many welcome the change as they have felt that the hat never really fit in with the overall theme of Studios, according to The Orlando Sentinel.

“Compared with other theme-park landmarks, the hat mimicking the one Mickey wore in Disney’s ‘Fantasia’ had a short life. Disney installed it in 2001 as a focal point. From the beginning, many people didn’t like it. They complained it blocked the view of the Chinese Theatre and ruined the [ambiance] of the park’s section dedicated to Hollywood’s “golden age” of the 1920s, 30s and 40s.”

Walt Disney World is going to be making a few other changes at Hollywood Studios in the coming years as well. There will be some new attractions brought in to replace some of the older ones. For instance, The American Idol Experience and the Studio Backlot Tour have already closed. The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow is scheduled to close on November 6.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, one of the most popular rides at Studios, Toy Story Mania, has super long wait times… practically all of the time. Disney recently tried out a new idea to help curb said wait times, which would often be 60 minutes or more. Using their new “Fast Pass Plus” service, Disney required all park visitors that wanted to experience that particular ride to reserve a spot in advance.

Disney is constantly experimenting and trying to make everyone’s park experience better. Some people believe that “Fast Pass Plus” is the way of the future, and that park goers will soon be required to “book” rides in advance. This is frustrating to some people, but to others it’s a welcomed change. Standing in long lines when it’s ninety degrees outside isn’t the best part of vacation, that’s for sure.

It is unknown what will replace The Sorcerer’s Hat. However, Disney likes making statements and each of their parks has a central icon, so they will likely come up with something. Are you happy to see the hat go?

[Photo courtesy of Wikipedia]